Our goal is to let our clients and their businesses benefit from innovative market research. And in order to accomplish it, we provide advice on the right products, ideal market positions and highly demanded services. Creative approaches and a wide range of tools help us in the process of making you successful. From creativity workshops to multivariate analysis, we offer the right solution for every research objective.

Our strengths

We put ourselves in your position to develop specific market research solutions suitable for your individual demands. In doing so, we examine your business strategies as well as the needs of your customers. With the help of our practice-oriented reports, you will be able to implement our findings effectively.

  • Product development

    Excite your customers and maintain your competitive advantage by using our research findings for the creation and testing of new products.

  • Brand positioning

    We help you understand what really makes your business stand out from other brands, how to become indispensible for your clients, and how to become and remain competitive on the market.

  • The perfect customer experience

    Our research also focusses on strategies to develop the perfect service design for all points of digital and analogous interaction with your customers. Thus, you will generate maximum value over the entire customer life cycle.

  • To find and understand target groups

    Let's find out, what appeals to your customers, where to find new target group segments, and how to attract them over the long term.


We provide you with customised, unique solutions. From proven approaches such as online questionnaires or focus groups to the most innovative research methods. In order to gather the most accurate results, we maintain a healthy balance between quantitative and qualitative research.


Classics | Quantitative

  • Os
    Online Surveys
  • Ms
    Mobile Surveys
  • Ps
    Phone Surveys (CATI)
  • Fs
    Face-to-Face Surveys

Classics | Qualitative

  • Ii
    In-depth Interviews
  • Fg
    Focus Groups
  • Cw
    Creative Workshops
  • Ed
    Experimental Designs
  • Pp
    Product Prototyping
  • Ux
    User Experience Research

Innovative Tools | Freestyle

  • Ag
    Gamified Agile Research Tools