About Us

What makes Manufacts stand out from other market research agencies? Maybe it is our passion for analysis that drive businesses forward. Maybe it is the knowledge that every project has its own character. The fact that we are always one good idea ahead. Or simply the importance we attach to the purpose of our findings.

Because we care for the purpose of our findings.

  • Full service with full passion

    Benefit from a full range of services by a single provider, from the development of surveys over their technical implementation to sophisticated analysis. But that is where we are just getting started! The next step comprises creative result reporting and implementation workshops that allow us to make our insights tangible and adaptable for your daily business.

  • Individual state-of-the-art solutions

    In order to prepare our clients for any strategic challenge, we offer precisely customised market research solutions inspired by the practically unlimited possibilities of the digital age.

  • Implementation support

    It is highly important for your business to apply the knowledge gained during the market research process in practice. In this context, we will gladly assist you with inspiring result workshops and useful advice on how to implement these findings. Market research meets strategy consultancy and design thinking.

  • International operations and networking

    We have successfully completed both quantitative and qualitative research projects for our clients in more than 40 markets. Our strong local partners allow us to implement even the most challenging research designs on an international level. At the same time, our central project team leads our operations in order to guarantee flawless research processes provided by a single source all around the world.

Our Team